Healthier, safer, and gentler on children's delicate skin 💜

Starting from the AW20 collection, Happyology has incorporated external care labels for all next-to-skin styles designed for babies and infants up to 3 years old. These external care labels are skillfully sewn along the left seam-line, positioned adjacent to our distinctive brand label. The driving force behind this transformation is our alignment with certain countries' regulations regarding external care labels for baby clothing. This initiative aims to alleviate the potential discomfort associated with conventional internal care labels, irrespective of the materials employed. This discomfort is especially pertinent for infants with delicate and sensitive skin.

Physical Care Labels

Through the integration of external care labels, our garments prioritise a skin-friendly approach. Our physical care labels are thoughtfully crafted from natural cotton fabric, ensuring not only exceptional tactile comfort but also an aesthetically pleasing integration with the clothing.

Printed Care Labels

Within our organic cotton, essential, and floral prints range, we have implemented printed care labels wherever possible. This innovation obviates the need for physical labels entirely, thereby enhancing both comfort and visual appeal to an even greater extent.

Small Act, Big Impact

Our aspiration is that this seemingly minor alteration will yield a substantial positive impact on the realm of babies and children's clothing. By prioritising comfort, health, and skin-friendliness, we are dedicated to elevating the overall experience of our little ones.